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Why Choose Orbit

Orbit have established, credible supplier relationships that we've built-up over 20+ years of operation.

Satisfaction Survey

Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Quality Products/Services — 91%
Sales Team — 94%
Technical Support — 87%
Our Delivery Process — 88%
Product Range — 83%
Communication Skills — 89%
Clarity of Documentation — 88%
Staff Helpfulness — 95%
Problem Response — 86%
ISO 9001 Importance — 94%

Customer Feedback

“Over the years, Orbit has been instrumental in helping us achieve some of our development aims by sourcing, designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products and components.”

“I’ve pushed Orbit in the past with some pretty complicated requests – and they have always delivered.”


Orbit reliably deliver enhanced solutions for our products.


Orbit are the most focused, agile and flexible team we have met.